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Three Yoga Exercises To Take At Home

These three yoga exercises for at-home strengthen the leg and core muscles, improve your balance and thus ensure a strong performance.

The toe stand

Strengthens foot and leg muscles improves coordination and balance.
Put feet close together, upper body upright, arms to the right and left of the hips. Slightly tense the abdominal and gluteal muscles and lift your feet into the ball of the feet while inhaling. Move your arms more than shoulder-width open over the front and up. Lower your shoulders and expand your chest. Hold for a few breaths, then slowly return to the starting position. Variation: while standing on the heels, look to the sky or close both eyes.

The tree

Strengthens steadfastness and calms the mind.
Stand upright, feet hip wide, arms next to your torso. Shift your weight onto your left leg. Place your right foot as high as possible on the inside of the left leg, with the knee as far out as possible. Now bring your arms over your head and place your palms together. Fix a point with your eyes, stay in this position for a while and continue to breathe evenly—page change.

The scales

Strengthens the core straightening muscles and the sense of balance.
Stand hip-wide. Shift your weight onto your left leg. Raise your arms and palms parallel upwards, while stretching your right leg a few centimetres backwards. Now press your left foot forcefully into the ground, stretch your body. As you exhale, lower your torso forward and lift your straight leg back until your arms, upper body and legs are horizontal. Hold for a moment while breathing calmly—page change.

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