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Finances For Women: Ladies, We Have To Talk!


Finances. At the word alone, many women switch off directly. We urgently need to talk about it! Age poverty affects us above all! Let's take our money in our hands now!

It's an annoying topic: retirement planning and finance. Honestly, I pushed the laaaannnge ahead of me. Somehow it will work, I always thought. But it doesn't feel really good. After all, it is no secret that the level of pensions declines to rely on the partner, but it is also not a really good option.

 Finance is a male issue? No more!
But that doesn't mean that we women can't do that just as well. The problem is much more: how do you start? First I did the most obvious thing - Google: old-age provision. And Google replied: savings plan, ETF, stocks, funds, home savings, life insurance, yield, volatility, Riester. Uhhhh Laptop quickly closed again.
It feels like an insurmountable wall that I will never be able to climb with my huge pool of financial ignorance. Added to this is the great fear of being ripped off. So would you rather head in the sand again? No! There are a few good reasons why it is really good to deal with money and pensions instead of surrendering to the wall without a fight. 

1. A man is not a pension!
Nobody knows if we will be happy, married, divorced or dead in 10 years. We have to face this fact. Imagine that you worked part-time for a long time or were a housewife and looked after the children. Many women forget that this affects their pension. If a marriage or partnership in the mid-50s breaks down, there is no financial security. Even today women have a significantly lower statutory pension than men. In numbers: women get around 625 euros on average, men 1050 euros.

2. You are independent!
Unfortunately, it is still the case: Many women remain in unhappy partnerships for fear that they will not be able to do it financially on their own. With your own money and a solid pension, you can make such decisions much more freely. But even in a marriage or partnership, own money can avoid conflicts. Because neither you nor your partner has to justify yourself if you treat yourself to something out of line. Experts, therefore, recommend the so-called three-account model.

3. One less worry!
Once you've tackled the topic, it will feel really good. Because behind your old-age provision you can then tick the box and sit back and relax.

4. Have you say instead of nodding off!
So far, when others talked about investments, I could only stand by in amazement. The situation is similar when it comes to financial investments for the family. So far, I just had to trust blindly. The man does it. But now I can also stand up to it and above all: make my own financial decisions!

5. How much are you worth?
Now that you are dealing with money and finances, you may become aware that you are worth more than your employer is currently paying you, start talking to friends and maybe have a look around at what your colleagues earn. And in the next step, in the best case scenario, you will demand what you are entitled to, instead of being satisfied with what you have out of irrational fears.

6. Feet up in retirement age!
Finally retired, many want to realize all the dreams for which there was never a time before. Extensive trips, pampering yourself, a new hobby? However, one thing that dreamers often forget is that all of these things cost money. And not exactly little. With a measly pension of 625 euros, there is certainly no vacation in it. But if you already know that, you can make provisions to fulfill all of these wishes as a pensioner.

 7. Know what you have!
At some point there will be money in the account and at some point it will all be gone. But if you deal extensively and seriously with your money, you end up with more of it. Spending becomes clearer, as do places where savings can be made. At the end of the month, with just a few simple tricks, you saved more than you could have imagined.

With money, it ends with the romance
It doesn't matter whether you are single, married, or in a relationship. Under no circumstances should you simply leave your financial security to third parties. Incidentally, this has nothing to do with feelings of trust towards your partner, but simply with the fact that nobody knows what is happening. And you are only on the safe side if you secure yourself for all eventualities. Of course, you don't have to panic now. Find out more, read books and blogs, such as "Reich in Rente" by Helma Sick and Renate Fritz or Madame Moneypenny, listen to podcasts on the topic such as the great BRIGITTE Academy podcast What The Finance and talk to your friends. Independent financial advice can also shed light on the situation.

One step at a time and a little bit every day. And you will notice: All of this makes you feel really good. Especially in times when every second marriage is divorced, it is a must to think about yourself. If you are one of the lucky 50 percent who will grow old together, you can look forward to retirement in a heartbeat. So there is nothing bad about it. And the best thing: you can get that all alone with the pension and finances.

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