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Afraid Of Insect Bites? 10 Tips For A Relaxed Visit To The Outdoor Pool

We would love the outdoor swimming pool, especially in summer - if it weren't for fear of annoying insect bites—10 tips for safe handling of bees and wasps.

It had probably happened to one or the other of them before when they were stung by a bee or wasp in the outdoor poolTo prevent this from happening again, you should take a few precautions. Prof. Regina Treudler, dermatologist and head of the LICA interdisciplinary allergy center at Leipzig University Hospital, gives ten tips for the safe handling of bees and wasps.

# 1: Put on light clothing

With colorful, expressive clothing, not only the eyes of others fly towards you, but also the insects. The following applies to the outdoor pool: after the cooling bath, put on a light and light clothing. It should also not be too far so that the bees and wasps cannot get caught in it. A small plus point: clothes are also excellent protection against UV rays.

# 2: keep calm

It's easier said than done: keep calm and move slowly when a wasp swarm around you. Panic and hectic reactions, as well as blowing on, make the flying troublemakers only aggressive.

# 3: Avoid perfume

Insects are attracted to intense smells. Avoid deodorant, perfume (can also be in sunscreen!), And hairspray when visiting the outdoor pool. All these fragrances note magically attract wasps and bees.

# 4: use a straw

Wasps are attracted to (sugary) drinks and like to crawl into glasses or bottles. So if you don't want to prick your throat and get severe allergic reactions, it's better to always use a straw and keep open bottles closed.

# 5: Don't walk barefoot

Do you also like to walk barefoot across meadows? Then let it be said to you: in the outdoor pool, this is not a good idea. You quickly stepped on a bee that is near the ground to collect nectar. Better to put on shoes - even if it's just the flip-flops.

# 6: Get vaccinated as an allergy sufferer

Are you allergic to insect bites? Then you should consider whether an insecticide vaccination is not useful for you. It offers allergy sufferers protection from a potentially life-threatening anaphylactic shock. The WHO expressly recommends so-called specific immunotherapy (SIT).

# 7: Mindfulness while eating

As with drinking, the same applies: Always look carefully at what you are consuming. If you take a picnic basket to the outdoor pool, you should cover the food well - and avoid sweets if possible. Because that smells almost irresistible to wasps.

# 8: cell phone and emergency medication

In the event of an emergency, you should always have your cell phone and emergency medication to hand. Insect bites can cause physical reactions such as shortness of breath, rash, or nausea that require direct medicines. Otherwise, an emergency doctor must be called.

# 9: Initiate friends

Do you have an insect bite allergy? Then let your friends and acquaintances know so that they can react correctly in an emergency and initiate necessary relief measures.

# 10: Avoid trash cans

Trash cans are known to be a playground for wasps. So it's better to put your blanket in the outdoor pool in a faraway place - and generally avoid public garbage cans. Just take your garbage home and dispose of it there.

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