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5-Element Workout: Fire


The 5-element workout makes you fit and happy! Here you can find out which exercises the 5-element workout provides for the element fire.

Your workout

Warm-up first with the warm-up exercises. For each element that you have ticked at most three times in the test, two exercises then follow. Complete both in succession - then switch to the next element. Beginners start with each exercise with two sets of 5 to 10 repetitions, advanced students may train with 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
Feel in yourself with every exercise: your body feeling determines intensity and range of motion. Start gently and feel your way to your comfort level. Breathe on calmly, relieve tension in the breaks. Very important: So that the training also affects mind and soul, there is a guiding principle for every element, which should accompany you through the last sentence of each exercise.

The warm-up

Bend your knees slightly in a medium tackle and straighten again. Breathe in when you bend your legs, exhale when you stretch. Consciously straighten your spine and breathe into your back. Duration: approx. 1 minute. Then bend your legs deeper and bring your arms upwards over your head in a circle, then lower them again with your leg extension. Duration: approx. 1 minute.
The cause fire Exercises for the mind and soul help you get rid of aggression, to feel impulses decision to develop passion and escape from the daily grind.
Your guiding principle Concentrate on a long-cherished wish that you want to fulfill yourself.

Exercise 1: light the flame

Here's how: Lift one leg, roll the trunk forward and bring the knee towards your forehead. Put this leg down and jump off the knee bend explosively. The other leg swings back, arms up. Cushion softly when landing. Increase the height from jump to jump, then switch sides.
Tempo: Explosive.
Breathing: Breathe in while standing, exhale audibly when jumping off.
This is what it does: activates the heart and circulation, stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens legs and buttocks, makes you react quickly.

Exercise 2: light the fire

How it works: Put your feet on your back and pull in your navel. Then bring your upper body and arms up with a fiery swing, look into the palms of your hands in the final position. Roll off slowly.

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